Kolja Sagorski

What i am doing

I'm currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Cyber Security at IU. By day, I work as a full-time IT Administrator, ensuring smooth operations and security for various systems.
In my downtime, I enjoy unwinding by playing a couple of rounds on openra.net. Additionally, I’m an active participant on Hack The Box, where I hone my cybersecurity skills.
In my spare time, I passionately engage with the realm of cybersecurity and digital freedom.
That's why I enjoy immersing myself in the exciting world of the CCC.
As a member of the c3re e.V., I connect with like-minded individuals, collaborating on captivating projects and hacks.

Contact me

Contact: kolja@thisdomain
PGP: 84A9 476D 54B2 0342 55EB 7789 8506 340A 4610 2779
Mastodon: chaos.social/@kolja
Linkedin: in/koljasagorski
Matrix: @kolja:matrix.c3re.de

Tor-Relay: A4771CB90024F1870D622960519945A3E49B40FE - Would you like to help too? -> Relay.love